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December 14 2016

November 26 2016

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November 24 2016

November 22 2016

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November 16 2016

October 30 2016

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October 16 2016

September 19 2016

September 11 2016

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August 24 2016

August 21 2016

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Have a good trip! :) 

August 01 2016

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deep? grime? no idea ... 

July 29 2016

July 17 2016


July 06 2016

June 23 2016

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May 24 2016

Chris Wayfarer - Homeless EP


With his release Homeless, which was published by the label Da Way on the 2nd of May, Chris Wayfarer takes one step back und two steps forward at the same time: In the title track he refers to the bass music, which has strongly influenced his musical career, and develops different elements to a modern tech house track. As a result sub basses and slightly wobbling synths meets a soundscape of dubby sounds, vocals snippets and driving percussion.
While Homeless clearly targets the dance floor, Unknown Future presents himself completely relaxed. Rhodes chords and subtle used arpeggios merge with acid like sounds to a slightly disco influenced deep house track. At the latest, when the piano comes in, Unknown Future creates pure summer feeling.

February 22 2016

Chris Wayfarer - Disco 3003 (Dragsonor Records)

Dragsonor Records meets the sound of Germany or France meets Chemnitz. In a similar way Chris Wayfarer´s new single Disco 3003 could be described, which was released on the 11th of February 2016 on the Parisian label Dragsonor Records. Available as digital download both tracks come along with a funky and playful sound, whereby Disco 3003 is the more melodic tune. With his catchy guitar riffs, wobbling synths and the decent used strings, the Deep House track gives a little foretaste of the approaching spring.

However, Two Faces polarises with his retro elements and the cranky sound - whether it is the bassline, the percussion or the arpeggio in the mainpart. But all elements are harmoniously united to a funky house track, which reveals his full potential on the dance floor.

February 11 2016

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