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June 28 2014

Nostalgica { A Trip Down Memory Lane } 1990 # Freek Fabricius by 030303recs on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
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June 16 2014

June 12 2014

Various Artists - Bugchasing 2 (Bugcoder Records)

17 artists, 17 tracks, Bugchasing 2 - anything more to say about? Maybe yes! After great Bugchasing compilation we launched in summer 2013, it's time for the follow up and so Bugchasing 2 delivers 17 fine Tech House, Minimal, Techno, and Deep House tunes from producers all around the globe. Beside German artists such as Mütze.Glatze, Chris Wayfarer, Philipp Uhrwerk, Ernst Laut and Fabian Fassbender you find some awesome works of Jules David (Australia), Joao Paulo (Brasil), Andrew Savich (Belarus), Cueless (Austia), Dave Greenhouse (UK), Class-A Deviants (US) Queemose & Miinuetto (Italy) and HRN (France). Feel free to take that journey!

June 08 2014

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Rone - Bora Vocal
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Blue Planet Corporation - Open Sea

May 25 2014

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My Violent Heart
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May 01 2014

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lax-o-mat - Triptycon EP (inclusive a remix by Chris Wayfarer)

April 11 2014

March 26 2014

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Can you tango, can you mango, mix n mangle, can you flow? Let me angle more my kangol, Are you single, can you go?

March 11 2014

March 06 2014

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Nine Inch Nails The Fragile (1999) "Just like you imagined"
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March 05 2014

Walking City: Architecture + Evolution + Movement
via schnorke.at/blog from Universal Everything
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March 03 2014

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Utwór tygodnia
Placebo - Running Up That Hill
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February 24 2014

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February 19 2014

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February 18 2014

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February 07 2014

February 06 2014

February 05 2014

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