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February 12 2015

Thursday moods.
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February 06 2015

January 18 2015

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January 12 2015

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January 05 2015

Various Artists - Bugchasing 2 Remixed

In summer 2014 BugCoder Records released the compilation "Bugchasing 2" with 17 track from 17 international artists. Half a year later the best tunes of that compilation have been remixed: "Bugchasing 2 remixed" with 13 tracks. Chris Wayfarer is giving a fresh coat to "Nevertheless" by Philipp Uhrwerk; his track "Carnival" is reinterpreted by Chickejacke from Berlin, and by Musjnp from Spain. There are 3 variations of Fassbenders "Nachtrabanten": Octopu1se and Yosuke Homma (both from Japan) as well as Despine are respectively contributing a remix. Stefan Colakovic from Serbia as well as the Argentines A-Bizz are caring about Doepps "Ramp" and Cueless from Vienna are taking their chance wit "Sternenstaub". That original was delivered by the Westphalian duo Muetze.Glatze, who in turn reissue "Copa" by Joao Paulo; on the other hand the Brazilian is remixing "Atmosphere" by Cueless.The Briton Dave Greenhouse and Class-A Deviants from San Diego/US are providing remixes of their tunes "Analog Funk" and "Skiing". The 27th BugCoder Records release is ranged between Techno, Tech- and Deep House and is available in all common shops as Beatport, iTunes, Traxsource, Juno, etc. starting from 2014-12-19.

December 12 2014

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This is the introduction video of 2boring - house music meets live drums. For more informations have a look at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/2boring

October 04 2014

Chris Wayfarer serves on his new EP "Travel Nerves" on BugCoder Records four storytelling tracks. The journey on BCR025 starts with the playful tune "Fever", a melodic house track, combined with a rough groove. Taking the "Night Train" on track two is like cruising lonely in a train with some special kind of melancholic mood. On the next track Chris changes the vehicle: The "Magic Carpet Ride" takes you with a wonderful flow and a deep bassline very fast to the goal somewhere "East-Southeast": The last tune delivers lunatic Breakbeat and Electro sounds with some influences of world music. Bon Voyage!

August 28 2014

August 24 2014

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August 06 2014

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July 05 2014

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Ludique - Nightfall (IDM) - YouTube

June 28 2014

Nostalgica { A Trip Down Memory Lane } 1990 # Freek Fabricius by 030303recs on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
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June 16 2014

June 12 2014

Various Artists - Bugchasing 2 (Bugcoder Records)

17 artists, 17 tracks, Bugchasing 2 - anything more to say about? Maybe yes! After great Bugchasing compilation we launched in summer 2013, it's time for the follow up and so Bugchasing 2 delivers 17 fine Tech House, Minimal, Techno, and Deep House tunes from producers all around the globe. Beside German artists such as Mütze.Glatze, Chris Wayfarer, Philipp Uhrwerk, Ernst Laut and Fabian Fassbender you find some awesome works of Jules David (Australia), Joao Paulo (Brasil), Andrew Savich (Belarus), Cueless (Austia), Dave Greenhouse (UK), Class-A Deviants (US) Queemose & Miinuetto (Italy) and HRN (France). Feel free to take that journey!

June 08 2014

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Rone - Bora Vocal
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Blue Planet Corporation - Open Sea

May 25 2014

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My Violent Heart
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