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July 01 2015

Various Artists - Bugchasing 3 (BugCoder Records)

Beginning of July, BugCoder Records goes into the 3rd round with it's compilation series "Bugchasing", which will be prereleased on Beatport on june 19. A lot of established artists could be won again for Bugchasing 3: Cueless from Austria, Peter Groskreutz from Kiel, Philipp Uhrwerk, HRN from Bordeaux & Briton prodcucer Dave Greenhouse. Additionally on board again: Lars Rohlder, Muetze.Glatze, Chris Wayfarer from Chemnitz, the Brasilian Joao Paulo, Octopu1se from Japan, American producer Bryan Talbot & Berlin-based Fabian Fassbender. Some new artist have their first appearance on BugCoder Records: Infaam Konijn from the Netherlands, Hong Kong based French "Dixia Sirong", Vincenzo di Vara, Daennes, Drai Kat, Kubot from Birmingham and Tarau from Romania. That makes all in all 19 exclusive tracks from 19 different artists, a must have for any fan of good electronic music.

June 12 2014

Various Artists - Bugchasing 2 (Bugcoder Records)

17 artists, 17 tracks, Bugchasing 2 - anything more to say about? Maybe yes! After great Bugchasing compilation we launched in summer 2013, it's time for the follow up and so Bugchasing 2 delivers 17 fine Tech House, Minimal, Techno, and Deep House tunes from producers all around the globe. Beside German artists such as Mütze.Glatze, Chris Wayfarer, Philipp Uhrwerk, Ernst Laut and Fabian Fassbender you find some awesome works of Jules David (Australia), Joao Paulo (Brasil), Andrew Savich (Belarus), Cueless (Austia), Dave Greenhouse (UK), Class-A Deviants (US) Queemose & Miinuetto (Italy) and HRN (France). Feel free to take that journey!

August 08 2013

Bugcoder Records #12 [BCR012] is available...be prepared for Bugchasing. One year Bugcoder Records and still a far way to go: We would like to celebrate our anniversary with 11 fresh tracks by the artists of the first season, such as "Cubic State", "Stefan Colakovic", "Dave Greenhouse", "David Torr", "Morja", "Mario Van Vegaz", "Deep Conscious" and "Philipp Uhrwerk".  Additionally we would like to introduce "Mütze Glatze", "Kraut'n'Rübn" and "Lucas Türschmann", three amazing artists with their first appearance on Bugcoder Records.  "Bugchasing" is a journey into several styles of House and Techno music, sometimes deep, sometimes groovy and powerful, but everytime reflecting passionated and unique music. Grap your copy!
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/bugchasing/1133706
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