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October 27 2017

Enny One b2b Chris Wayfarer @ Spinnerei Chemnitz (2017 - 08 - 04)

Live recording: Enny One b2b Chris Wayfarer @ Spinnerei Chemnitz (2017 - 08 - 04)
Style: House, Techno

April 10 2017

Style: Techno / Deep House Release: 6th of April 2017

Label: No Divas

For years the label No Divas sees itself as a platform and figurehead of electronic music in Chemnitz. Though the focus is essentially on techno, house and their various subgenres, label boss Arno aka Oberwasser and his fellow campaigners loves to look beyond the musical box. So it is no coincidence, that some extraordinary free tracks and a lot of diverse podcasts complete the catalogue of eight releases until now. Thereby No Divas always convinces with a clear and tidy sound and a large portion of understatement.
Just in time for the fifth birthday of the label they have signed release number nine. Both tracks, who are made by Chris Wayfarer, fit the current trend of No Divas to publish slower tunes. Because Underwater Dance get in lane beyond the threshold of 110 BPM and somewhere between techno and electro. With a edgy bassline and twisted piano sounds the track stomps slowly but relentlessly over the dancefloor. Letting Go takes it a little bit easier. The track finds its way really sensitive into your ears. Playful bell-like sounds, warm-mooded brasses and a slightly modulated vocal have what it takes to send shivers down your spine.

Mastering by Arno (No Divas) 
Content writer by Textwandler.net

February 16 2017

January 05 2015

Various Artists - Bugchasing 2 Remixed

In summer 2014 BugCoder Records released the compilation "Bugchasing 2" with 17 track from 17 international artists. Half a year later the best tunes of that compilation have been remixed: "Bugchasing 2 remixed" with 13 tracks. Chris Wayfarer is giving a fresh coat to "Nevertheless" by Philipp Uhrwerk; his track "Carnival" is reinterpreted by Chickejacke from Berlin, and by Musjnp from Spain. There are 3 variations of Fassbenders "Nachtrabanten": Octopu1se and Yosuke Homma (both from Japan) as well as Despine are respectively contributing a remix. Stefan Colakovic from Serbia as well as the Argentines A-Bizz are caring about Doepps "Ramp" and Cueless from Vienna are taking their chance wit "Sternenstaub". That original was delivered by the Westphalian duo Muetze.Glatze, who in turn reissue "Copa" by Joao Paulo; on the other hand the Brazilian is remixing "Atmosphere" by Cueless.The Briton Dave Greenhouse and Class-A Deviants from San Diego/US are providing remixes of their tunes "Analog Funk" and "Skiing". The 27th BugCoder Records release is ranged between Techno, Tech- and Deep House and is available in all common shops as Beatport, iTunes, Traxsource, Juno, etc. starting from 2014-12-19.

August 14 2013

Prof.Death - Minimaltechno/Elektronika Mix 2013 (new Dj Project)
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March 13 2012

▶ Joey Beltram @ Kinetic,  Mix - Feb 10, 2012 by Joey Beltram

November 03 2011

swing by geo404 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

June 29 2011

Special Klubbers!!
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March 30 2011

...I mean I... by balazskatona

Extrawelt / Booka Shade / Gui Boratto / Kollektiv Turmstrasse / Eelke Kleijn
68min (d/l with jdownloader)
Tags: minimal techno

November 19 2010

July 17 2010

saybee - Spring Studio Mix 

July 05 2010

Piratenkind - Piratengeschichte Teil 1  Vinyl-Set ( sound für ins AUTO ) mai 2009

June 20 2010

Matik Automatik
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June 18 2010

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Ken Hayakawa - Thank You For Listening Tjumy 007 (Video by PTV)
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May 31 2010

Fabian Burg - May 2010 StudioMix

April 01 2010

Thr33man - The Break - Spring 2010 Mix 

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December 31 2009

Phonoelit Party at cBase (26c3/2009).mp3 (8h50min, 728MB)
~ DJ Vela, Illo und Mumpi
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